Davenport Energy supplies a comprehensive array of fuel products, including gasoline for vehicles, home heating oil for residential warmth, and kerosene for various heating applications. Additionally, we provide off-road diesel fuel for agricultural and construction machinery, on-road diesel fuel for transportation needs, and both residential and commercial propane for heating, cooking, and other energy requirements. With these offerings, Davenport Energy ensures reliable and efficient energy solutions for all customer needs.


Propane fuel offers numerous benefits, including its clean-burning properties, energy efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and versatility for powering appliances, vehicles, and equipment. By choosing Davenport Energy as their propane provider, customers can enjoy a secure energy supply, reduced environmental impact, and the convenience of a versatile fuel source for their various needs.

Home Heating Oil

Home heating oil is a reliable and efficient fuel source that offers several benefits for homeowners. It provides consistent and powerful heat, warm water, making it an ideal choice for climates with cold winters. Guarantee reliable, safe, and timely heating oil delivery with Davenport Energy.


Kerosene is a versatile and efficient fuel source that provides several benefits for various applications. It offers a clean-burning and reliable energy solution with a long shelf life, making it ideal for emergency generators, space heaters, and cooking stoves. Ensure uninterrupted energy with Davenport Energy’s reliable kerosene delivery.


Gasoline is a widely used and versatile fuel source that powers a vast majority of vehicles and various equipment. Its high energy density and ease of use make it an ideal choice for transportation, with a well-established infrastructure for production, distribution, and refueling. Keep your operations running smoothly with Davenport Energy’s reliable gasoline delivery service.


Diesel fuel offers several benefits that make it a preferred choice for various heavy-duty applications. Its high energy density provides more power and efficiency than gasoline, resulting in better fuel economy and longer driving ranges for diesel vehicles.
Maintain seamless operations with Davenport Energy’s reliable diesel delivery service.


Biodiesel is a renewable and cleaner-burning alternative to petroleum diesel that offers several benefits for the environment and energy security. Produced from vegetable oils or animal fats, biodiesel is biodegradable and non-toxic, reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Secure reliable and timely biodiesel delivery with Davenport Energy today.

Diesel Exhaust Fluid

Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) is a key component in modern diesel engines that helps reduce harmful emissions and meet stringent environmental regulations. Optimize your operations with Davenport Energy’s reliable Diesel Exhaust Fluid delivery service.

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