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Tank Agreement

Davenport Energy provides propane tanks at no charge to customers who meet our minimum usage guidelines.

If you own your own tank:

Customer-owned tank form

If you do not own your own tank:

Tank lease agreement

Sales Agreement 

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Level Pay Application

We total your fuel costs for the previous year and calculate an estimated usage and billing for the coming year. This total is divided into 11 equal or “level” installments. If you’re new with us, we’ll simply estimate your usage.]

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Lock-In Pay Application

Typically, propane demand increases when its colder, causing the prices to rise too. Lockin protection provides a ceiling for propane prices. When you enroll in Lockin protection, Davenport Energy estimates your propane usage and then secures the gallons before the weather drives prices up. Your propane price will be capped at a rate determined by your local office – according to your usage history. If the market price falls below the cap price we’ll bill you for the lower price!

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