Insurance Against Winter Price Spikes

Lockin Pay keeps your heating costs low when market demand spikes winter propane fuel prices.

Lockin Pay

Davenport Energy’s Lockin Pay program provides a ceiling for propane prices. Propane costs traditionally rise during the winter heating months. Enrolling in this program prior to August 31st ensures home budget protection for the winter season.

Davenport Energy caps the maximum amount you pay by buying additional residential propane and heating oil prior to winter. This locks in your winter fuel cost. In effect, it’s insurance that your rate will not spike and exceed the established price.

Your propane price will be capped at a rate determined by your local office and according to your usage history. If the market price falls below the cap price, we’ll bill you for the lower price!

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When does the Lockin Pay protection cap price expire?

The protection price expires on April 30th.

Are there restrictions?

The option is offered to all autofill or we will call customers with payment terms.

Do I have to sign up for every year?

No. Each August, your plan automatically renews for the next year unless you notify Davenport Energy to cancel by August 31. If your balance from the past year is not settled by July 31, the plan will not renew until the balance is zero.

What happens if my account is past due?

If your account is past due, then you’ll be billed the current propane market rate on all future deliveries. Your account balance must be zero in order to enroll in the program.

What is the Lockin Pay enrollment fee?

The option is $49.95 per year. If you also enroll in the Level Pay program for the year, the fee falls to $39.95, a $10.00 discount!

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