We’ve given propane a bold new look.


   Propane fireplaces, firepits, and accessories have been around for a while, but you’ll see them in a new light at the Davenport Energy Showroom in Chatham.
   Explore a wide range of styles presented in a comfortable home-like setting. Talk to knowledgeable professionals who can help you find the perfect logs and accessories for your home. We’re with you through professional delivery and installation in your home.
   Whether your home is on Smith Mountain Lake, in Lynchburg, Roanoke, or South Boston, it’s worth the drive before you make a decision on propane accessories.
   Also at our showroom, you’ll find our Customer Service Center for questions about your bill or need any help you need.
   At Davenport, we’re always finding new ways to look at propane. And propane never looked so good.

Visit us at  120 S. Main Street | Chatham, Virginia 24531

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